Lysine Sulphate

lysine sulphate 70

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid for animal growth. It cannot be synthesized in suffcient quantities in the body; Therefore, it must be acquired from external sources.

PANGOO L-Lysine Sulphate is a type of nutritional supplement, produced by corn – derived glucose, and fermentation with Corynebacterium glutamicum. It is widely used in the feed industry with the most safety.


lysine sulphate feed gradeChemical formula : (C6H12N202)2H,SO4.

Molecular weight : 390.43g/mol. 

lysine sulphate

Lysine base  

Min. 55.0%


Max. 4.0%
Purity  Min. 70.0%
We hereby certify that the L-Lysine Sulphate referenced in this details was analyzed and approved by the Department of Quality Management.



Brown colored granular

Loss on drying  

Max. 4.0%

Heavy metals 

Max. 30 mg/kg


Max. 2 mg/kg





lysine sulphate

ISO 9001, FSSC 22000

End -to- end quality control management throughout the fermentation process

  • Storage: Store in cool and dry place in unopened original package
  • Shelf -life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.
lysine sulphate 70

25 Kg net in a woven bag

800 Kg net in a big bag




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Technical Data Sheet

FAP-7 L-Lysine Sulfate Feed Grade


Lysine sulphate feed grade is brown flowable powder with specific odor and hygroscopicity. L-lysine sulfate was produced by biological fermentation method and got concentrated to 65% after spray drying.

Lysine sulphate feed grade is an essential amino acid in the process of protein synthesis. It is the simplest and most effective way for animals to ingest lysine (such as pigs and poultry) to meet the needs of amino acids.

Lysine can promote animal growth, improve disease resistance, is an ideal feed additive, is widely used in a variety of mixed feed.

CAS#: 60343-69-3

Chemical Name: L-Lysine Sulfate

Molecular Formula: C6H16N2O6S

Molecular Weight: 244.266 g/mol


Appearance Brown or light brown granule
L-LYSINE(Dry Basis),% ≥55
PH (1+10) Aqueous Solution 3.0~6.0
Loss on Drying,% ≤4.0
Residue on Ignition,% ≤4.0
Ammonium (NH4+ ),% ≤1.0
Heavy Metal (Pb),mg/kg ≤20
Arsenic(AS),mg/kg ≤3.0


Designed to be added to the feed article as an essential amino acid necessary for supplementing nutritional requirements for lysine in livestock.

Broilers: 8-16 kg/ton of complete feed

Laying hens: 8-16 kg/ton of complete feed

Turkeys, partridges: 25-40 kg/ton of complete feed

Piglets (under 25 kg)s: 25-40 kg/ton of complete feed

Fattening pigs: 16-25 kg/ton of complete feed

Sows: 8-16 kg/ton of complete feed


25 kg PP woven bag, 20MT/20′ FCL (no pallets)

Expiry date:

24 months


Keep goods in cool dry and ventilated conditions in well-closed original packing.