FPO-2 High Energy Jujube Powder Feed

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Technical Data Sheet

FPO-2 High Energy Jujube Powder Feed

Product Information:

High Energy Jujube powder feed
Specilized effection for Increasing Swine and Ruminant Milk production and Milk Quality 
CAS: 90045-99-1 
EINECS: 289-965-9

The feed jujube powder contains the essential vitamin P (also known as rutin), which is 3385 mg per 100 g of jujube powder. At the same time, it has obvious preventive effect on high fever of pigs.

Because the feed jujube powder contains various digestive enzymes, it can supplement the lack of enzymes in the livestock and poultry, and improve the feed conversion rate. Because of the high sugar content, the coarse fiber feed jujube powder will increase the palatability of the feed, increase the absorption rate and transform. The rate can significantly reduce the cost of using the feed.

1. After long-term use of this product, the skin is bright red, the meat is delicious, the stomach is weakened, the appetizer is increased, and the growth of the pig has a good growth-promoting effect. At the same time, it has obvious preventive effect on the pig’s high fever.

2. After long-term use of cattle, it can improve the gastrointestinal environment, increase appetite, and jujube nucleus has hypnotic effect. After the cows are used, the breast can increase the milk yield significantly, increase the fat content of milk by 0.2-0.4%, and increase the milk. The freshness of the milk improves the quality of the milk. After the beef cattle are used, the red skin is bright, greedy and long, and the immunity and disease resistance of the cattle are greatly enhanced.

3. After use, chickens and ducks can supplement blood sources and promote the formation of egg mites, which can effectively assist enteritis, E. coli and egg-producing fatigue, and prolong the laying period.


Guaranteed Analysis

Items Standard Result
Appearance Fine Brown Yellow Powder Conforms
Taste Characteristic Conforms
Crude Protein 10% Min 12%
Miosture 10% Max 5.10%
Paiticle size 95% Pass 80 mesh 100%
Energy 3880 KCal/kg Min 3880 Kcal / Kg
Increasing Feed Intake 10% Min 16.50%
Increasing Milk Production 8%-12% Conforms
Calcium 20% Min 21.20%
Mycotoxin 100 CFU/g Max Conforms
E.Coli 0 Conforms
Salmonella 0 Conforms
Conclusion: Conform to the standard of Q/HZT06-2015.    


Feed jujube powder, high temperature drying and disinfection, anti-mildew. Adapted to the broiler, meat duck, hog, beef cattle, cows and other meat-type livestock. The recommended addition amount is 5–10%.


25 kg PP woven bag  20MT/20′ FCL ;

Shelf Life/ Storage:

It is guaranteed for 2 years from date of manufacture when kept cool dry and ventilated conditions in well-closed original packing.

Production Flow Chart

High Energy Jujube Powder Feed


High Energy jujube powder feed flow chart

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