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1993.10.31 Pangoo was founded in Cangzhou China.We are a feed additives manufacturer. In China, Pangoo have over twenty years of experience in the procurement of feed additive. we can manufacturer the most suitable product for the customer. Rely on our own factory, we can customize products according to customer requirements.Our fish meal, L-lysine, allicin exported to the world.2015 the whole year, our company shipped more than 10,000 tons, in total sales exceeded 10 million dollars.

Contact Us
In China, Pangoo feed additives have own factory, we have own trading company, we have own warehouse.Top Feed Additives Supplier and Manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. Rely on our own factory, Pangoo feed additives can customize products according to customer requirements.
1. We can face to face by mobile phone at any time, and we can show our working situation by mobile phone at any time.
2. To apply Invitation Letter from our government, and will pick you up at china airport.
1. Contact your customer service staff to give your detailed request, or your current problems in details.
2. We may ask more questions or request sample from you for confirming your request clearly. If need, we’ll invite you come, or we go your place to solve your problems. And make your personal product scheme.
3. a) If successfully on this, Show you effect !
    b) If not workalbe, stop!
4. Order, and deliver…


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