l-lysine PANGOO L-Lysine HCL is a high quality, granular product specifically designed for the feed industry. Produced from advanced technology, this product is composed of 100% isomerically pure L-Lysine, which translates into 100% bioavailability for swine, poultry and other animals.   GUARANTEES L-Lysine HCI (C6H14N2O2)dry basis                   98.5% minimum L-Lysine                                                           78.8% Moisture                                                          1.5% maximum GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Appearance                       Light Yellow water-soluble particles Loss on Drying                  1.5% Purity                               98.5% Isomeric Purity                 100% Solubility                          500-600g/cm(40-44lbs/ft ) NUTRITIONAL SPECIFICATIONS

L-Lysine content 78.8%
HCl content 19.7%
Crude Protein (N x 6.25) 94.4%

STORAGE: Store in unopened original packaging in cool, dry area. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.