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Urea Fertilizer 46

Urea Fertilizer 46%

Description: Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral fertilizer.
It can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizer.
In the soil it doesn’t remain any harmful substances, it has no adverse effects in long-term usage.
  CAS#: 57-13-6
  EINECS No.: 200-315-5
  Chemical Name: Urea
  Molecular Formula: CO(NH2)2
  Purity: 46.0% MIN
  Nitrogen 46PCT MIN
  Moisture 0.5PCT MAX
  Biuret 1.0PCT MAX
  Pure 099PCT MIN
  Particle(0.85-2.80 MM) 90PCT MAX
  The delivery is by tankers and in non-returnable drums. If delivered in road tankers, the temperature during transport should be maintained between 20 °C and 40 °C. If delivered in drums, the temperature should not fall below the crystallization point. Exposure to intensive sunlight should be avoided.
  50kg/1000kg/bag  or as your requirements.
Expiry date  
  12 months
  Keep dry. Urea will absorb moisture from air. If storage piles become wet, surrounding
floor may be slippery. Reacts with hypochlorites to form nitrogen trichloride, which explodes
spontaneously in air. Reacts with nitric acid to form urea nitrate that decomposes explosively when heated.
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