FAP-5 Natural Amino Acid

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Technical Data Sheet

FAP-5 Natural Amino Acid

Product Information:

CAS No.8013-01-2 PANGOO® FAP-5 Natural Amino Acid is a compound Animo Acids product. Application:

PANGOO® FAP-5 1.With 18 kinds of amino acids, it can be easily decomposed and absorbed in animal bodies; nutrition effect is obviously superior to other meals. Adding in animal feeds, it can replace partly bean cakes, peanut cakes, fish meals,etc. It can not only increase the production by 4-10%, but also contain high protein content, small protein molecular which make the digestibility up to 95% at least. With full of many kinds of amino acids such as cystine, tyrosine, serine which are good for growth of animal skins. To improve utilization of animal feeds, promote growth speed, shorten feeding period, improve the digestion function of animals, reduce diseases and enhance resistance. Supplementing with PANGOO® FAP-5 reduces production costs through optimized feed conversion. It increases body weight gain and improves breast meat yield in broiler production. Its fast and complete absorption guarantees high nutritional value, while good flowability makes it easy to mix in feed at any time during the mixing process. You’ll experience reduced mill maintenance, no viscosity problems at low temperatures and high mixing homogeneity. Supplementing with PANGOO® FAP-5 enables you to address sustainability issues, as it leads to reductions in nitrogen excretions and carbon footprint.


Items Unit Standard Result
Protein g/100g Q/NYP009-2017 73.0 (65.0 Min)
Ash g/100g Q/NYP009-2017 8.8 (10.0 Max)
Moisture g/100g Q/NYP009-2017 3.4 (8.0 Max)
Ammonium salt mg/kg Q/NYP009-2017 1.6 (2.0 Max)
天冬氨酸Aspartic acid g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 2.17
苏氨酸Threonine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.3
丝氨酸Serine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.62
谷氨酸Glutamic acid g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 20.24
甘氨酸Glycine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.03
丙氨酸Alanine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 3.92
胱氨酸Cystine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 0.68
缬氨酸Valine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.64
蛋氨酸Methionine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 0.74
异亮氨酸Isoleucine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.13
亮氨酸Leucine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 4.04
酪氨酸Tyrosine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.38
苯基丙氨酸Phenylalanine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.62
赖氨酸Lysine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.06
组氨酸Histidine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 1.06
色氨酸Tryptophane g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 0.11
精氨酸Arginine g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 0.82
脯氨酸Proline g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 0.68
The sum of the amino acids g/100g GB/T 18246-2000 45.24

25 kg PP woven bag,  21 MT/20′ FCL (no pallets)

Shelf Life/ Storage:

It is guaranteed for 2 years from date of manufacture when kept cool dry and ventilated conditions in well-closed original packing.

Natural Amino Acid Production Flow Chart