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BIO-FA1 Silage Inoculant

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Technical Data Sheet

BIO-FA1 Silage Inoculant



Applicable for alfalfa, maize(whole plant), straw, grass, forage, etc.

Main Ingredients

 Plant lactobacillus, Bacillus natto, Candida utilis, Pediococcus acidilactici and all kinds of probiotic and their metabolite.

Viable count

 3×109 CFU/g 

Proved effects

l Silage Inoculant prevents silage spoilage ;

l Decreases silo temperature and the loss of nutrients;

l And improves efficiency of silage fermentation;

l Increases digestible rates of dry mass and fibers;

l Improves the quality of crude protein;

l Reduces aflatoxin of ensiling feed;

l And Silage Inoculant also improves aerobic stability of ensiling feeds;

l Increases animals’ appetite and productivity;

l It significantly improves the living environment of poultry , reduces the incidence of diseases. 

Usage and Dosage

Dosage: 1-2 Kg Silage Inoculant / 1000 Kg silage


1. Keep fermenting 40-45 days in a sealed container densely with Silage Inoculant;


l Cut the fresh silage by 3cm;

l Keep the fresh silage temperature between 20℃and 30 ℃;

l And the water content 60%-70%. (Higher water content for harder material).

l Mix with Silage Inoculant evenly when sugar content in the fresh silage is more than 1-1.5% before fermenting.


2. Spray the activating liquid on raw material evenly.

Make activating liquid process: At first, mix Silage Inoculant with 10 times water which include 1% sugar, and then, soak the mixture for 4-6 hours.



1000 g×20 bags / Carton; 500g × 40 bags/ Carton 


Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 18 months guaranteed in well sealed condition. 


Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening. 

Field Data 

FA1 Application in sheep and dairy farming.

180 sheep were divided into two groups of 90 animals each fed equally during 30 days. The Control fed with a basic diet of smashed corn stalks, the Test group with the basic diet sprayed with 10g/2L of FA1 (fermented smashed corn stalks).

Sheep manure composition comparison  

Control Experiment at 15 days   Experiment at 30 days  
Test Control Test Control Test
Crude proteins (%) 16.76±0.79 14.54±1.06 16.35±0.33 15.06±0.64
Fat (%) 3.54±0.03 3.10±0.16 3.61±0.07 3.29±0.06
Crude fiber 22.62±0.97 21.94±1.56 22.45±0.18 22.06±0.25
Organic matter 77.82±1.88 73.39±2.82 76.78±2.18 74.45±1.55

50 dairy were divided into two group of 25 each were fed equally during 30 days. The Control with a basic diet, the Test group with the basic diet additioned 0.2g/L/T of FA1.

Effect of FA1 on dairy cattle milk production (kg/head) and milk fat content(%) 

Groups Head Period (days) Milk production (kg/head/day)   Milk fat rate (%)  
      Before After Before After
Control 25 30 127.62 132.25 3.15 3.18
Test 25 30 127.18 138.62 3.17 3.27

30 days after, the Test milk yield was 138.62kg/head, compared to the Control with a significant difference of 6.37kg/head between the groups; and the milk fat increased by 0.1% to 3.27% than before the experiment compared the Control group.

Production Flow Chart
BIO-FA1 Silage Inoculant