l-lysine hcl china supplier1. The big companies are not necessarily the best partner

You easily overlooked, if the cooperation with big companies, you need to find the right partner, you can be very pleasant exchange, can more quickly solve problems, you can get along as friends, any problems can be successfully resolved.

2. Select the company long-established

Under normal circumstances, the company was founded a few years longer, indicating the strength of this company is more solid, more stable and reliable.

3. Having legitimate business qualification in China

This condition must be met in order to cooperate, or goods in China could be seized at any time, so that delivery time will certainly be delayed, and also caused economic losses.

4. Companies need to have export experience

Export experience is very important if your feed additives supplier have not any export experience, is a novice, then there will be a lot of problems in the export process, he needs to solve them one by one, it takes a lot of time, a lot of experience handling problems all need to slowly built up, may require an export several or even dozens of times, to skilled operation of the entire process, so hurry if you want to order, then find a feed additives supplier having export experience.

5. Have own feed additives factory

When you need some special products, the factory can produce according to your request, if your partner is a trading company, it may not satisfy you, in general, trading companies can only provide public goods, so when you have the product special requirements, please find the factory, you can be more direct communication, the factory can produce a better product to meet your requirements.

6. Have unique technology

Technology is the most important part of a product, a unique technology is able to produce different from other competitors’ products, and also to meet higher customer requirements, customers can take to increase the competitiveness of their own products, so that their products also become a unique product.

7. Price is not the most important part

Procurement in China, not too much focus on price, because there is always a cheaper product, but the product quality vary widely, so you should give top priority to product quality, service second place, the price of the third, as long as the product quality in line with your requirements, prices within an acceptable range, well you find the most suitable product for you, the Chinese have a saying: what is cheap is not good,what is good is not cheap. Low-cost can never get a good product and good service.

8. Sample and the product of actual delivery may be different

Some customers only pursue low prices, see the sample feel good, and then ordering, the product of actual delivery is very bad, it is far below the quality of sample, this time to return too late, not only lost money also lost time, therefore, sample only as a reference, before shipping you should personally check, seeing is believing, and if the goods is different to the sample, you must choose to immediately stop cooperation to reduce the losses.